Diggin’: Adolphus Bell – Pawnshop

inDiggin'on February 9, 2017


Relying on the local pawn shop seems to be a running theme in the blues. A double edged sword though, you have to drop off your instrument, your main squeeze, with the hopes that she’ll be waiting there for you when you can afford to come back and pick her up again. It doesn’t always work out that way though, coming back home to a love lost can be a dicey back back-and-forth that the traveling bluesmen knows all too well. Adolphus Bell was a musician that used this exchange as a source of inspiration and identity for his favorite guitar, affectionately named “Pawn Shop.” In this song, he talks about the ups and downs of his visits to the Pawn Shop and how Music Maker stepped in to help him make sure he’d never have to worry about his baby waiting on him in that shop ever again. A beautiful story told straight to the point, feel the original One Man Band tell it like it really is!

— Berk Ozturk 

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