“Dear Mr. Ironing Board Sam”

inNewson March 14, 2013

IBS_drawingAfter Sam visited the Orange County Charter School for the second time, we received a stack of thank-you notes and drawings done for him by the students! Sam was so moved, and we were too – these are really heartfelt and creative. We thought we would share a couple with you, because Sam thought you should see how great these kids are!

In case you missed our previous post about this, Sam is working with Orange County Charter School to provide a unique music program, funded by a partnership between Music Maker and the Jazz Foundation’s Agnes Varis Jazz in Schools Program. Sam will visit the school over five months and teach the students about Blues music – the program will finish with a performance by Sam, accompanied by the students, in May.

Check out these adorable Thank-you’s here: thank you notes for sam004-1

  • nbmandel

    These letters are great. Congratulations to Mr Ironingboard Sam (as they so politely call him) and to all the kids. I’m sure the concert will be spectacular.

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