COVID-19 UPDATE + Pat “Mother Blues” Cohen

inNewson March 20, 2020

To say the coronavirus has had a devastating impact on our partner artists would be an understatement. All Spring concerts have been cancelled and with the bars and restaurants closed the smaller gigs are done too. Our most elder artists are holed up in their homes with what small supply of groceries they could afford, terrified about when they will have to go into public to get more supplies.

The struggle is real. Music Maker has kicked into high gear and is providing emergency relief to those who lost gigs. Music Maker Artist Support Specialist Christelle Ndong, MSW is setting up grocery deliveries for our most vulnerable partners while trying to reduce panic and inform folks about the CDC guidelines.

Pat “Mother Blues” Cohen is trying to keep a positive mindset about the situation. She was supposed to return to New Orleans for the first time since Katrina as part of the Music Maker Blues Revue and play a festival in Portugal. Both have canceled and the nursing home that she plays a weekly gig at is on lockdown. Music Maker’s Sustenance Program is helping Pat get by during these difficult times.

“Katrina taught me how to deal. I cried for a year straight after that. So I’m trying to keep my head up and stay positive.”
– Pat “Mother Blues” Cohen

You can help elderly musicians during these difficult time. Please donate today – musicmaker.org/donations

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