Coronavirus Blues: Protecting Our Partner Artists in a Pandemic

inNewson March 12, 2020

Dear supporters,

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise we are communicating with our partner artists on a daily basis to ensure they are aware of this rapidly developing situation. According to the CDC, older adults that suffer from chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease are at the highest risk when it comes to COVID-19. Unfortunately, these criteria represent a majority of our partner artists.

Not only is the elderly population we work with particularly susceptible health-wise, they are also being threatened economically. Since the outbreak, major music festivals and concerts across the world have been cancelled and things are very uncertain for many of the bookings we have this spring. Missing just a single gig can have a devastating impact for our partner artists.

Yesterday I spoke on the phone with longtime partner artist Alabama Slim, and the concern for him is all too real. This past December Slim was hospitalized with a severe case of the flu, so when New Orleans confirmed cases of COVID-19 late Tuesday he went into high alert. Music Maker is ready to step up for Slim if his situation worsens and he is unable to perform, but that means we need our supporters to step up as well.



Through your support, Music Maker can ensure that these important American musicians are kept safe and stable during this tumultuous time. Please give today – musicmaker.org/donations


Timothy Duffy
Executive Director

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