Center for Documentary Studies: From Rocks to Blues

inUncategorizedon July 23, 2013

We’ve got another one of the side-project pieces from the class at the Center for Documentary Studies. This one is a snapshot of Ironing Board Sam during his interview; Ironing Board Sam doesn’t own many things, but the things he does own have a special significance to him. One of the students noticed a large rock sitting on his floor and asked him what it meant, so he told them.

On another interesting note, I’d never heard of Sam’s hometown of Rock Hill, SC. But at his gig the other night, the announcement of Rock Hill, SC was met with an enthusiastic cheer and a “GO ROCK HILL!” so the Rock Hill diaspora is alive and thriving.

From the student:

My name is Tabria Williford and I am from San Antonio, Texas. I am currently a sophomore at Duke University, as well as a student athlete in varsity soccer. In my spare time I enjoy taking photography, listening to music, reading mystery books, and watching Breaking Bad. This spring at Duke, I declared my major as Visual Media Studies with a certificate in Information Studies and Documentary Studies.

I have had previous experience with documentary work at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. Last semester I completed a project that focused on food security in Durham. Through this project I had the chance to interact with individuals of the Durham Food Bank and Durham Urban Ministries.

During my spring semester, Professor Simms class has provided me with a tremendous amount of knowledge on how to properly edit and shape fieldwork material into a Web-based multimedia presentation. I have acquired skills that have allowed me to produce high quality projects.

The Documentary Studies Program at Duke has given me the opportunity to construct and communicate my own ideas. This program has also given me access to do community-based research, which gave me the opportunity to work with Music Maker Relief Foundation. 

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