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The first time that I met Captain Luke, we were getting ready to sit in a car together for the 6-hour haul up to Washington, DC. I had this idea of him that was heavily influenced by the materials I had encountered at Music Maker: videos of him singing bass, his albums, a particularly interesting (and not very safe for work) video about drinking beer. He didn’t really disappoint; for such an unassuming figure, Captain Luke has a big presence that fills the room he’s in.

The next piece of work from our collaboration with the Duke University Center for Documentary Studies is a great portrait of an artist at home in his surroundings. It also takes us back to Winston-Salem, NC – where Music Maker began.

Check it out (skip to ~30sec):


Meet the Students:


Lorrie Guess is a Master of Art and Design candidate in the College of Design at North Carolina State University. She received a Bachelor of Art in journalism and mass communication from UNC-Chapel Hill. She is a video editor and motion graphics designer. Her recent credits include MAKERS, a PBS documentary production by Ark Media and Storyville Films.


Gabriela is an international student pursuing a Masters degree at Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment.  An avid travel from Ecuador, Gabriela’s interest has always been peeked by cultural diversity. This class offered her the opportunity to experience a new aspect of North Carolina’s culture through the blues. She is excited to use her new skills to relay messages of environmental and cultural importance in the future.


Candice Jansen

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