Center for Documentary Studies: A Ben Payton Performance

inUncategorizedon July 16, 2013

A part of the learning process when picking up a camera is when you get surprisingly beautiful, unexpected shots. It seemed like a consensus among the other CDS students and MMRF staff when we saw these shots of Ben Payton in the group video that this was one of those moments when the light looked right, Ben was performing for the camera and the angles added something new and interesting that was artful without even really intending to be.

Check out the video below:

Hannah Nemer is a junior Peace, War, and Defense and American Studies double major at the University of North Carolina. Hannah loves working with film, and can often be seen with camera in hand. After graduation she hopes to study visual and material anthropology so that she can better explore how the use of narrative filmmaking in conveying the stories of distinct communities.

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