Captain Luke – Live From Shakori Hills

incaptain lukeon April 23, 2015


Last weekend at Shakori was about one of the best experiences I have ever had at Music Maker. As most of you know, our dear friend and mentor Captain Luke is in the final chapter of his life.  The Captain has attended every single Shakori Hills as part of the Music Maker Blues Revue and is always a major highlight for this great festival.

Tim and I decided it would be great if there was some way to get the Captain involved with the show, even if it was just in a small way. Before heading out to Shakori I procured the technical gizmos that allowed us to pipe the Captain in on the PA system.

In true Captain Luke fashion he stole the show!

Cracking jokes and telling everybody that he loves them, the Captain even took a solo on his phone during one of Lakota John’s songs.  Every time I went back to check on my phone the Captain was still on the line jamming out to the show.



– Corn Lewis

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