Canadian Documentary Filmmakers visit MM

inNewson July 26, 2012

Two filmmakers arrived at MM’s offices last Wednesday to document Pura Fé, Dom Flemons and Tim Duffy. The office was transformed into a film studio for much of the day as artists took turns being interviewed in front of the camera, then running through the pouring rain to the Music Maker studio next door to record with each other.

Here, Pura Fé, Rhiannon Giddens-Laffan and Charly Lowry team up for a jam session with original material. Listen to “I will be free” recorded that day, here. Rob Davidson and his crew have been traveling for 6 months documenting the predominant blues traditions based out of cities across the United States. “Cities in Blue,” which will air as a TV series on Canada’s HiFi TV in early 2013, attempts to trace the origins of each musical tradition and show what they have evolved into. We can’t wait to see their broadcast about MM artists!

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