Outsider Lounge Music by Captain Luke The power duo is a truly rare occurrence in music. Just a handful of musicians have captured the musical magic that happens when two performers come together in perfect consonance. Captain Luke and Cool John Ferguson first met in St. Helena, SC at the renowned Penn Center and their […]

Every year since 1991 Music Maker artists have toured Europe. In 2005 we formed a partnership with Dixie Frog Records and Nueva Onda booking. Dixie Frog went on to produce 16 records of Music Maker artists, and Nueva Onda toured the Music Maker Blues Revue all across Europe in addition to Pura Fé, Carolina Chocolate […]

Born in Rosa, Louisiana, Chuck Bush helped redefine Zydeco’s sound in the 80’s and 90’s for a new audience while playing bass behind Beau Jocque and then Terry Dominique. In December 2019, Chuck reached out to Music Maker in desperate need of support due to a slew of health complications. Music Maker stepped up to […]

Aaron’s Quarantine Playlist

inTheir Musicon April 10, 2020

Youtube is a respite. Its a great place to go when you want to explore and you are stuck at home. I was on the phone with Curtis Harper, drummer for the Glorifying Vines and husband to Mattie Harper, one of the singers in the group a few weeks ago. We were just checking in, […]

A $60,000 Match & the Story of Sam Frazier, Jr.

inTheir Needson April 8, 2020

These past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. Most of our office has shifted to working remotely and we have been in daily communication with our Partner Artists who are experiencing, like most, a massive shift in their lives. We are incredibly grateful for our supporters who have stepped up and offered to match […]

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