Diggin’: Eddie Tigner – Route 66

inTheir Musicon July 7, 2020

Route 66 by Eddie Tigner Eddie Tigner was a tiny man with a big smile that could knock you down from across a room. Born in Macon, GA in 1926, Eddie cut his teeth playing for Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famers – the  Ink Spots. A veteran of WWII and longtime touring musician, Eddie […]

How Sweet the Sound…

inTheir Musicon July 6, 2020

Amazing Grace by Music Maker Recordings Every artist interprets Amazing Grace so personally and distinctively, like you are a witness to their own intimate spiritual journey. Piedmont bluesman Guitar Gabriel once, after a week-long drinking spree, was arrested for stealing a package of bologna and a bottle of wine from a supermarket. When he appeared […]

NC Roots Music Series!

inNewson July 1, 2020

Watch the NC Roots Music Series: Facebook Live YouTube Live Music Maker Relief Foundation has partnered with the Arts and Science Council’s Culture Blocks program and the Charlotte Mecklenburg County Library to present the NC Roots Music Series featuring live stream performances by North Carolina musicians: Lakota John, The Hamiltones, Dedicated Men of Zion, Martha […]

NPR Music’s All Songs Considered featured the Dedicated Men of Zion‘s song Down Here Lord on their New Music Friday playlist. NPR Music had this to say about the song and upcoming album, “The world needs this music right now.” Listen to the playlist below:

COVID-19 UPDATE: Elderly & Isolated

inNewson June 29, 2020

Loneliness is a recurring subject in the Blues. A lover gone or the loss of a family member typically inspires one of the most archetypal themes within the genre. For our Partner Artists, music serves as a much needed salve for coping with such hardships. But things have changed in the world of COVID-19.  Our […]

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