Simon Arcache, Rafael Evrard, and Clement Prunet are true students of American music. The latter two from Southern France and the former a Parisian, they have visited and lived in Hillsborough, NC and New Orleans on and off for years and traveled extensively in between the two locations. As interns at Music Maker, Simon and […]

  “a fascinating tribute that feels like a postmodern meditation on the legacy of American blues” – Glide Magazine Get an exclusive listen of the Grotto Sessions via Glide Magazine – HERE. Grotto Sessions is a digital only release out November 16th! Pre-order: bandcamp – iTunes – Spotify –    

Diggin’: Pura Fé – Whole World Down on Me

inTheir Musicon November 13, 2018

Follow Your Heart’s Desire by Pura FéI find myself drawn to this track from Pura Fé’s debut solo album. Her soulful voice and acoustic lap steel slide are soothing, yet the solemn lyrics touch on a haunting past. Pure Fé reminds us that when life’s challenges grind you down, there’s no shame in admitting that you […]

Jimmi Mayes: Sideman to the Stars

inThe Artistson November 12, 2018

The holiday season—a time often equated with comfort and joy—can bring feelings of anxiety and despair when you’re living alone in chronic poverty. This is the case for many of our artists who, despite being among the most important names in America’s musical heritage, find themselves choosing between keeping their instruments and keeping food on […]

Last week we posted on the blog about Robert Finley’s incredible journey and his recent performance at the Beacon Theatre and just when you think things have gotten as good as they can get for Robert Finley, PBS NewsHour runs this incredible feature about Robert’s life and music. To learn more about Music Maker Relief […]

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