The podcast Crazy Good Turns, that celebrate nonprofits and people who do crazy good turns for others, premiered their episode on Music Maker Relief Foundation today. The episode features partner artists Eddie Tigner and Robert Finley and Music Maker’s Executive Director Tim Duffy.   Listen to the episode – HERE!   This year Crazy Good Turns will […]

Country Legend Sam Frazier, Jr. Release Cabbage Man!

inTheir Musicon February 16, 2017

Following in a line of black country singers that include Charley Pride, Linda Martell, Ray Charles and more recently Darius Rucker, Sam Frazier, Jr. sings the sweet songs that have defined country music.  He sings the blues and croons plaintive melodies on his trusted harmonica.  Out of the backwoods of Alabama, Sam has been a […]

Diggin’: Adolphus Bell – Pawnshop

inDiggin'on February 9, 2017

Relying on the local pawn shop seems to be a running theme in the blues. A double edged sword though, you have to drop off your instrument, your main squeeze, with the hopes that she’ll be waiting there for you when you can afford to come back and pick her up again. It doesn’t always […]

Diggin’: Albert White – A Song For You

inTheir Musicon February 2, 2017

Albert White & the Rockers by Albert White Albert White started the Rockers with a group of his high school buddies. At the time, they all played guitar, so they began with the division of labor. Albert got to stick with the guitar and his buddies put their’s down to pick up bass and drums. […]

For this year’s Black History Month I have decided to write about what I feel is one of the boldest institutions celebrating Black History in America at this time: The National Museum of African American History and Culture.   On September 24, 2015, the museum, a project started one hundred years ago when African American […]


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