Shedding Kindness With Pat “Mother Blues” Cohen

inThe Artistson February 16, 2021

By Jed Finley These days it seems like everybody’s got the blues. At least that’s what Pat “Mother Blues” Cohen tells me. “I think a lot of people have the blues these days. It’s behind the frustration, this COVID nonsense, and the politics. People are still mad, what are they mad at? What do they […]

Black History Month: Rural Black Life in the U.S.

inBlack History Monthon February 9, 2021

“It would do you good to get in the country even if you do have to rough it. You can sit right here and look right at the sky and you can almost feel the Earth turning.” — Freeman Vines For the exhibition of Freeman Vines’ Hanging Tree Guitars, Music Maker commissioned Dr. Will Boone of […]

The seeds of Music Maker were planted in 1989, even though our Foundation didn’t take its current shape until five years later. I was still in my last semester of study for my master’s degree in folklore at the University of North Carolina when I was sent to document the life of James “Guitar Slim” […]

Time to Join Music Maker’s Listener’s Circle

inTheir Musicon February 2, 2021

If you haven’t joined Music Maker Listener’s Circle yet, perhaps No. 45 in our series will convince you that it’s finally time to do it. No. 45 in our series is called “A Geographic Cure.” Blues songs often talk of traveling. They tell the stories of — and stories from — communities all over our […]

Three Gems from Music Maker on Bandcamp Friday

inTheir Musicon February 2, 2021

The music sales platform Bandcamp has announced that on the first Fridays in February, March, April, and May, it will not take its usual 15 percent cut on album sales. That means if you buy any albums from the Music Maker catalog on February 5, March 5, April 2, or May 7, Music Maker will […]

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