Diggin’: Cootie Stark – Jingle Bells

inDiggin'on December 22, 2016

Christmas With Cootie by Cootie StarkGet your holiday swinging with Cootie & the gang on this version of Jingle Bells. Done in the Blues fashion this number is loose as it gets. I wonder if the some minor indulgent in some holiday spirits had anything to do with that! The looseness of this song is […]

Artist Spotlight: Freeman Vines

inArtist Storyon December 22, 2016

When I was studying ethnomusicology in graduate school, we sat around a classroom one day debating the question, “What is the most fundamental element of music?” Some argued for pitch. Some argued for rhythm. Although it didn’t occur to me at that time, the answer seems obvious to me now—sound. Sound itself—vibration, sonic energy—is the […]

Why Do We Still Make Records?

inArtist Storyon December 16, 2016

For over 20 years Music Maker has been releasing albums, showcasing the amazing work of the artists we feel are so important to the fabric of our culture. During the CD boom of the late 90s and early 2000s, Music Maker was able to sell CDs, putting money in the pockets of these important musicians. The […]

The Bullpen GRAND OPENING To Be Held On December 16th!

inNews & Mediaon December 15, 2016

This Friday, December 16th is the Grand Opening of The Bullpen and we will be kicking things off with Pat “Mother Blues” Cohen at 9pm. So come on out and get some delicious Heavenly Buffaloes wings & beer from Bull Durham Beer Co.! The Bullpen is located at 359 Blackwell St. in Durham right next […]

Albert White & the Rockers by Albert White Albert White has been around the musical block. He started playing in High School, rehearsing with his uncle, the R&B legend Dr. Feelgood. When he and his buddies got together their own band, they all started out with guitars. Eventually one guy had to put it down […]


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