Music Maker Relief Foundation – a non-profit organization that supports traditional Southern musicians by documenting and presenting their music will be premiering their photography exhibit, We Are the Music Makers! on May 18th, 2018 at the Portsmouth Art & Cultural Center. On May 17th at 7:00pm, the Music Maker Blues Revue featuring Alabama Slim, Thomas […]

Rain In Your Life by Essie Mae Brooks Essie Mae Brooks‘s voice and Cool John Ferguson‘s guitar were meant for one another on this track from Brooks’ 2000 album Rain in Your Life. Brooks’ voice is so grounded, Ferguson’s guitar is so ethereal, but they create a perfect balance that captures both the every-day sing-to-survive […]

Timothy Duffy has been photographing musicians in the South for thirty-five years and is the founder of the Music Maker Relief Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Hillsborough, NC that helps elderly musicians meet their basic needs so that they can share their music with the world. The exhibit, Our Living Past features portraits of […]

Diggin’: Dave McGrew – Cool and Groovy

inTheir Musicon April 24, 2018

Somewhere Between Truth & Sanity by Dave McGrew Dave McGrew is a songwriter for the ages and draws his musical inspiration from his rich experiences in the Great Northwest. Not all of Dave’s tunes are happy or uplifting, but Cool and Groovy hits the mark here. Let’s put a log on the fire and watch […]

We asked new donor David Propst to write about his experience with Music Maker after visiting some of our partner artists. In July 2012, I moved back in with my parents. My mother had been diagnosed with dementia years before, and it was becoming obvious to my siblings and me that our parents would not […]


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