Diggin’: Clyde Langford – Good Golly

inDiggin'on January 17, 2017

High Steppin’ Momma by Clyde Langford I often find myself catching a case of winter ambivalence brought on by the numbing cold of the frosty season. If you’re like me, Clyde Langford’s mournful wails might be the remedy you need to melt your cold soul. The East Texas bluesman’s guitar hums and buzzes along with […]

Artist Spotlight: Drink Small

inArtist Storyon December 29, 2016

The Blues Doctor knows what ails you. He’s an expert diagnostician of the many maladies of the heart and soul. He got his education early, being born in the depths of the Depression to the cotton fields of Bishopville, South Carolina in 1933. As a member of a share cropping family, he started working in […]

Cool John Ferguson – Come All Ye Faithful

inTheir Musicon December 29, 2016

The blues live on because the blues give people life, not the other way around. Talk about the blues with Taj Mahal or Tim Duffy founder of the Music Maker Relief Foundation – and you will quickly understand how deeply they grasp this. Both men are devoted to tradition, but not a museum kind of […]

Artist Spotlight: Patrick Sky

inArtist Storyon December 27, 2016

Pat Sky’s biography reads like fiction. He’s a man of extraordinary gifts. A Southerner of Creek Indian heritage, he helped establish the Greenwich Village folk scene in the early 1960s—observers and critics often mentioned him in the same breath as Bob Dylan and Dave Van Ronk. Around that time, he produced Mississippi John Hurt’s Vanguard […]

The Bullpen & Music Maker to Live Stream Concerts!

inNews & Mediaon December 22, 2016

Music Maker Relief Foundation will be streaming concerts at the Bullpen every Wednesday & Friday night at 7pm EST (unless otherwise note). All shows can be watched via Music Maker Relief Foundation facebook page.   Like Music Maker on Facebook to make sure you get all the latest updates: Like Music Maker here 


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