Music Maker’s Next Generation program connects younger musicians with our elder partner artists to ensure that our musical traditions are passed on. For years our Next Generation Program has partnered artists like the Carolina Chocolate Drops and Lakota John with artists like John Dee Holeman, Boo Hanks, and Algia Mae Hinton, providing a relationship that […]

Legendary Drummer Sam Lay Needs Your Help!

inTheir Needson June 25, 2018

The death of a spouse when you’re elderly is an emotionally devastating experience, and the impact of this loss can become even more significant when your spouse was also your primary caretaker. Recently, filmmaker John Anderson reached out and informed us that legendary blues drummer Sam Lay was struggling with this very experience. Sam’s wife, […]

Diggin’: Precious Bryant – It’s Alright

inTheir Musicon June 21, 2018

My Name Is Precious by Precious BryantThere’s something about It’s Alright by Precious Bryant that reminds me of the happiness of summertime. Maybe it’s the warmth in her voice or the depth of her timbre, or maybe it’s just the smile I can feel radiating off of every syllable. It constantly evokes images of hot […]

 I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I have the perfect go-to song for nearly any situation. For long summer road trips I tend to lean towards freight train blues, for rainy nights at the house I listen to french jazz, and to get ready for a big night out I always […]

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