Video Diggin’: Robert Finley – Holy Wine

inTheir Musicon January 11, 2018

When Tim and I stepped into the Easy Eye Sound after Robert had been recording for several days we could immediately see that Dan Auerbach, Robert, and the studio musicians were buzzing — they had just created something amazing over the past couple days. Shortly after our arrival Dan took us back into the control […]

Introducing Little Willie Farmer!

inTheir Musicon January 9, 2018

Little Willie Farmer was born in 1956 in the small town of Duck Hill, MS. He grew up on a farm where his father raised cows, chickens, cotton and corn. On Sundays, he had the choice between picking cotton and going to church. He usually chose church. His uncles and father would entertain each other […]

The Story of Frank “Sugar Chile” Robinson

inThe Artistson December 27, 2017

Born in Detroit in 1938, Frank Robinson started playing the piano at a very young age. His natural talent playing the blues was immense, winning him a local talent show at the age of three. In 1946, Sugar Chile, as he came to be known, played for Harry S. Truman at the White House Correspondents […]

Diggin’: Cootie Stark – Christmas with Cootie

inTheir Musicon December 21, 2017

Christmas With Cootie by Cootie Stark Music Maker has done a couple holiday oriented albums over the years but none capture the genuine holiday party spirit quite like Christmas with Cootie. This album boasts a minimum of five musicians per song and features all the Christmas classics. Sit down with an ice cold glass of […]

Artist Spotlight: Ironing Board Sam

inTheir Adventureson December 17, 2017

Ironing Board Sam’s sudden stroke in October of 2015 pulled him away from the stage just as his career was taking a turn towards stardom. But even if things have gotten a bit quiet in his life lately, he remains an integral part of the Music Maker community. We worked hard with him through the […]


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