Artist Spotlight: Pat “Mother Blues” Cohen

inThe Artistson November 26, 2018

This blog post was originally posted on Dec. 5th, 2016 | The blues call us to face the reality of mistreatment. Blues songs are full of people doing one another wrong—mistreatment from lovers, strangers, systemic structures, and, of course, from oneself. But by calling it out and making it plain—we humans don’t treat one another […]

Beverly “Guitar” Watkins: a True Musical Pioneer

inTheir Musicon November 25, 2018

Express your care for hardworking elderly musicians today! At 79, Beverly “Guitar” Watkins is STILL one of the toughest working blues musicians around; playing for packed clubs and ripping solos with a guitar behind her head. Marching in the footsteps of Ma Rainey and Sister Rosetta Tharpe, she’s carved out a place for herself on […]

Folk Revivalist Patrick Sky Gets a Revival Of His Own

inThe Artistson November 21, 2018

The Folk Revival movement of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s played an integral role in our ability to look back at our musical traditions with reverence. Known for producing several Mississippi John Hurt records, in addition to his own playing and songwriting, Music Maker partner artist Patrick Sky continues to be a  vital part of […]

We recently sat down with donors Al and Rich to ask them about their Music Maker experience and why our mission resonates with them. Al and Rich are both longtime donors and provided the $15,000 match for #GivingTuesday.  Al’s Q&A:  How does it make you feel when you give to Music Maker? There’s so many […]

Don’t Mess With Miss Watkins by Beverly “Guitar” Watkins For me, this song is the highlight of Don’t Mess with Miss Watkins. Listening to this blues guitar virtuosa assert her place in the spotlight, you can clearly visualize her wielding her trademark red Fender Mustang and lighting up the Atlanta Underground. Miss Watkins said it best: there’s no doubt that “Red Mama’s back in town […]

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