Little Pink Anderson just called, he said he had a revelation. He said he was ready to start performing again. Pink is one of a kind and if you’ve ever seen him perform, you know what I’m talking about, he let’s it all out. Here’s to hoping this revelation comes all the way true! #PinkBlues […]

ON THE BEAT APRIL 14, 2017 12:00 PM ‘A hard life of bad luck and trouble’ BY DAVID MENCONI MIDDLESEX, N.C. It’s been a while since Algia Mae Hinton was on a stage, but she’s still a dancer. That hasn’t changed, even though she’s wheelchair-bound nowadays. “The reason I can’t walk, I danced so much […]

Out of Winter and into Festival Season!

inTheir Adventureson April 20, 2017

As we the cold starts to fade and the plants start to bloom and we head out of a dreary winter our glee is elevated by the best part about the forthcoming warmth – Music Festival Announcements! Every spring, countless festivals begin to announce their summer lineups to music lovers across the globe, and this […]

Diggin’: Cootie Stark – Sarah

inTheir Musicon April 14, 2017

Cootie Stark, Abe Reid, Taj Mahal and Tim Duffy make this plea so genuine. I hope Sarah came back to Cootie. Man, did she mean something to him. The energy on this whole record Raw Sugar reaches out from the stereo and startles. Abe Reid’s harmonica playing just makes you want to jump right out […]

The Glorifying Vines Sisters of Farmville, NC

inThe Artistson April 14, 2017

The Glorifying Vines Sisters are a thriving musical institution. Based in Eastern North Carolina, they’ve been tearing up the road for decades and tearing up every church they visit. But they don’t confine themselves to churches; they’re comfortable playing secular venues, too. “If we’re going to do like Jesus did,” says singer and manager Alice […]

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