A Pandemic Update From Music Maker

inTheir Needson March 16, 2021

The world has now spent an entire year living with the COVID-19 pandemic. What has this meant for Music Maker’s many partner artists? Our social worker, Brittany Anderson, sums it up best: “What I’ve found is that 2020 really took a toll on our artists. Just in a regular environment, as it was pre-COVID, they […]

Women’s History Month: Remembering Precious Bryant

inWomen's History Monthon March 9, 2021

Thirty years working with blues musicians has taught me that there can be great irony woven into the stage names performers choose for themselves — particularly with female players who opt for sugary noms de plume. But Precious Bryant was different. Precious was her given name, and she lived up to it. When Music Maker […]

Helping Ester Mae Wilbourn

inTheir Needson March 9, 2021

Witnessing the Como Mamas, the amazing gospel group from Como, Mississippi, on stage will transport you. No matter if you see them at a festival or a concert hall, where you wind up is in church.  They sing the old hymns of the Black Baptist church. When the Como Mamas’ first album, “Get an Understanding,” […]

Chance meetings have always played a huge part in how Music Maker has built up its roster of partner artists over the years. From the beginning, when James “Guitar Slim” Stephens told me I had to find Guitar Gabriel, it’s been the same. One person we build a relationship with tells us about other musicians […]

Black History Month: Art, Resistance, and Civil Rights

inBlack History Monthon March 2, 2021

“Any tree could be a hanging tree.’” — Freeman Vines For the exhibition of Freeman Vines’ Hanging Tree Guitars, Music Maker commissioned Dr. Will Boone of North Carolina State University to write a series of four historical essays to give context to viewers of the exhibition. For Black History Month, we have presented a weekly […]

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