Diggin’: Albert White – Someday Baby

inTheir Musicon July 26, 2018

Soul of the Blues by Albert White Albert White’s clean rendition of the classic “Someday Baby” is a slow, bluesy, heartfelt story of accepting the loss of a love. For anyone getting over a heartbreak, the clear guitar melody and soulful vocals offer even the most forlorn folks deep consolation and an optimistic look towards […]

Imagine being in your home, unwinding from a long day, when before you have a chance to grasp what is happening, you suddenly feel a bullet rip through your skin. This was the situation on May 29th, when Angelia Taylor, singer from the Como Mamas, was struck by a bullet in her home. Violence is […]

Album Diggin’: Sam Frazier Jr. – Cabbage Man

inTheir Musicon July 19, 2018

Cabbage Man by Sam Frazier, Jr. Sam Frazier Jr.’s album, Cabbage Man, is a classic collection of blues, gospel, and country worth hunkering down and digging in for a listen. The title track, which happens to be an original tune, gives that country feeling while Sam’s rendition of Amazing Grace on harmonica is as beautiful […]

  Music scholars such as Mike Seeger and Taj Mahal have often told me that John Lee Zeigler is the most important artists that Music Maker has ever partnered with. John was from Kathleen, Georgia a very small town near Macon. This area produced some of our nations greatest musicians, such as Little Richard and […]

Touring With Lucy by Lee Gates We all have those days – waking up with the blues, going to bed with the blues – nothing in between but more blues.  Lee Gates’ says it all with his guitar and his groaning voice. We’re not crazy – we’ve just got the blues.   If you hear the […]

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