Diggin’: Precious Bryant – Fever

inTheir Musicon February 14, 2019

My Name Is Precious by Precious BryantPrecious Bryant takes to her acoustic guitar for her rendition of this classic love song. Typically performed as a sultry jazz number made famous by Peggy Lee, Precious plays Fever at faster tempo than most. Her stark voice and chunky guitar strumming add new layer of meaning to this […]

Get a FREE download of Sweet Valentine from Blue Muse!

inTheir Musicon February 14, 2019

  We love our supporters and for Valentine’s Day this year we’d like to give you a special treat – a free download of the Martha Spencer & Kelley Breiding’s lovable tune, Sweet Valentine written by Dave McGrew. Sweet Valentine is featured on our 25th Anniversary compilation Blue Muse.   Get your free download here!

Diggin’: Dave McGrew – D.O.C. Man

inTheir Musicon February 7, 2019

Blue Muse by Dave McGrew McGrew’s lyrics speak of fragmentation and isolation. The self is in pieces and the part with a mouth is lonely. To read the song sheets is sad. To listen to the songs, though, is to hear the McGrew I first met in the sunshine when I was a teenager, who […]

A Day of Remembrance

inNewson January 31, 2019

Diggin’: Alabama Slim – I Got the Blues

inTheir Musicon January 31, 2019

The Mighty Flood by Alabama Slim & Little Freddie KingThis is easily one of the deepest tracks in the Music Maker catalog. Close your eyes and Alabama Slim‘s low raspy voice, silky smooth guitar style and a heavy bass line immediate transports you to a smoke filled bar on St. Claude where they are grilling oysters […]

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