“The blues is the truth. It’s an everyday reminder of your life, a different type of Gospel,” says Music Maker discovery artist Charles Jacobs. For 25 years, and usually 6 nights a week, Charles played up and down Bourbon Street wowing regulars and tourists with electrifying prowess on his guitar and a voice born deep […]

Diggin’: Taj Mahal – Spike Driver Blues

inTheir Musicon August 28, 2019

Blue Muse by Taj MahalIt’s hard to imagine where Music Maker would be without the help of dedicated advisory board member and musical genius Taj Mahal. For twenty years Taj has served as a musical director, networker, and all around guru to Music Maker for one reason – he believes in the artists and the […]

Diggin’: Dave McGrew – D.O.C. Man

inTheir Musicon August 15, 2019

Blue Muse by Dave McGrewThe life of a fruit tramp is tough. Dave McGrew traveled with the harvests in the Great Northwest since he was young. D.O.C. Man speaks to the frustration of getting locked up, which would often happen for no reason at all and is an issue that hobos and traveling folks still […]

With a sound shaped by a life lived in the rural South working in tobacco fields and with heavy machinery, John Dee Holeman proves he’s still got it on his new release – Last Pair of Shoes. Backed up by Blues stalwarts Tad Walters (harmonica), Harvey Dalton Arnold (bass), Chuck Cotton and Bubba Norwood (drums), […]

Blue Muse by Theotis TaylorThere is a magical quality to the music of Theotis Taylor. This South Georgia natives piano playing is completely unique and was immediately recognized by Bruce Watson at Big Legal Mess Records who took this reel to reel tape and breathed new life into it. Adding sparse vocal accompaniments and instrumentation […]

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