Don’t miss John Dee Holeman and Thomas Rhyant at the Reeves Theater in Elkin, NC: More info – John Dee Holeman | November 16th | HERE More info – Thomas Rhyant | December 1st | HERE

Diggin’: Captain Luke – Waiter

inTheir Musicon October 25, 2018

Outsider Lounge Music by Captain LukeWith the weekend upon us it feels appropriate to dig on Captain Luke‘s song, Waiter. With Captain’s sultry voice and smooth delivery backed by Cool John Ferguson‘s subtle acoustic guitar accompaniment evokes you the same feeling you get when you sit down on a Sunday evening, pour a tall glass […]

Diggin’: Sam Frazier, Jr. – Old Chunk of Coal

inTheir Musicon October 18, 2018

Cabbage Man by Sam Frazier, Jr. Somewhat similar to Johnny Cash’s rendition, Sam Frazier, Jr.’s pared down version of this country classic gets an even more traditional twist by using the the banjo accompaniment of Dom Flemons. Songs of redemption and success are always the best with Old Chunk of Coal being wonderful statement on the importance […]

Robert Finley’s talent is undeniable. Music Maker founder Tim Duffy knew this the second he spotted him playing on the street at the King Biscuit Blues Festival. After working to address some of Robert’s basic needs like getting him new teeth and housing, we set him up with his NYC debut at Webster Hall with the Music […]

St. Louis, M.O., October 12th, 2018 – Timothy Duffy has been photographing musicians in the South for thirty-five years and is the founder of the Music Maker Relief Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in Hillsborough, N.C. that helps elderly musicians meet their basic needs so that they can share their music with the world. The […]

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