Diggin’: Dom Flemons – Georgia Drumbeat

inTheir Musicon May 4, 2017

Dom will often reminisce about going into the library in Arizona and discovering his first Music Maker album. A true self taught student of traditional American music, he delved deep into the catalog and would eventually meet Music Maker founder Tim Duffy at the Shakori Hills music festival in Pittsboro, NC. In 2014 Dom recorded […]

By CHRISTOPHER MELE and MATT STEVENS MAY 2, 2017 via the NY Times Col. Bruce Hampton at the Fox Theater in Atlanta on Monday. CreditRick Diamond/Getty Images Bruce Hampton, who was known as the granddaddy of the jam scene for his energetic, eccentric guitar playing in a career that lasted five decades, died in Atlanta on […]

Posted by Rich Johnston April 25, 2017 We are familiar now with publishers and comic book stores giving away free comic books on Free Comic Book Day. But this year, on May the 6th, publisher Z2 Comics is including something unexpected. With the release of their Free Comic Book Day title, The Ballad Of Franklin Bonisteel written by Gabe Soria and […]

Little Pink Anderson just called, he said he had a revelation. He said he was ready to start performing again. Pink is one of a kind and if you’ve ever seen him perform, you know what I’m talking about, he let’s it all out. Here’s to hoping this revelation comes all the way true! #PinkBlues […]

ON THE BEAT APRIL 14, 2017 12:00 PM ‘A hard life of bad luck and trouble’ BY DAVID MENCONI MIDDLESEX, N.C. It’s been a while since Algia Mae Hinton was on a stage, but she’s still a dancer. That hasn’t changed, even though she’s wheelchair-bound nowadays. “The reason I can’t walk, I danced so much […]

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