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From Arena-Rock Fame to the Deep Blues

inArtist Storyon June 8, 2021

Harvey Dalton Arnold first gained the music world’s attention in a huge, arena-sized way: He was a member of The Outlaws, one of the giant wave of 1970s Southern rock bands that rose in the wake of the Allman Brothers and wound up charting big hits and filling giant venues all over the nation. Harvey’s […]

The Hamiltones Bring the Love

inArtist Storyon June 1, 2021

By Nick Loss-Eaton The Hamiltones have GRAMMY nominations on their shelves for performances with the great R&B singer Anthony Hamilton, but those shelves aren’t in LA or NYC or Nashville. Instead, J. Vito, Tony Lelo, and 2E reside in Morrisville, Greensboro, and Charlotte, North Carolina, respectively, not far from where each singer grew up. Like […]

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