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NPR Music’s All Songs Considered featured the Dedicated Men of Zion‘s song Down Here Lord on their New Music Friday playlist. NPR Music had this to say about the song and upcoming album, “The world needs this music right now.” Listen to the playlist below:

COVID-19 UPDATE: Elderly & Isolated

inNewson June 29, 2020

Loneliness is a recurring subject in the Blues. A lover gone or the loss of a family member typically inspires one of the most archetypal themes within the genre. For our Partner Artists, music serves as a much needed salve for coping with such hardships. But things have changed in the world of COVID-19.  Our […]

Diggin’: Cootie Stark – I’m So Lonely

inTheir Musicon June 29, 2020

Raw Sugar by Cootie Stark This week’s blog post touched on the social isolation that our Partner Artists are experiencing in the pandemic. On this track from blind acoustic bluesman Cootie Stark you can sink right into the loneliness of the times. Cootie had a way laying things out there real clear and capturing a […]

Music Maker Minute: Rufus McKenzie

inThe Artistson June 23, 2020

Rufus McKenzie was born to a sharecropping family in Perry, Georgia, in 1927. As a child he worked in the cotton fields, singing to his mule to pick up the pace. Rufus reflects, “I learned my music through sadness and coming up hard. I had to wear white people’s worn out shoes. I had little […]

Purchase Can’t Turn Me Around HERE! Harmony is serious business where the Dedicated Men of Zion come from. For their eldest member Anthony “Amp” Daniels, it was so serious that every day his mother would call her children inside, turn off the television, and make them sing in harmony, talk in harmony, do everything in […]

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