Blue Muse by Robert Finley This is the song that started it all for Robert Finley and it remains his ethos. Robert has been wowing national audiences and celebrities on America’s Got Talent, proving to the world that age really doesn’t mean a thing! It’s been incredible to be a part of Robert’s journey and […]

Listen to Music Maker founder and photographer Timothy Duffy along with partner artists Guitar Lightnin’ Lee and Alabama Slim and longtime supporter Taj Mahal on Weekend Edition below. Read the transcript on  On July 5th, the Washington Post also featured a story about Music Maker’s 25th Anniversary book – Blue Muse. Read the piece […]

Rufus McKenzie – Slavery Time Blues

inTheir Musicon June 19, 2019

Learn more about Rufus McKenzie here –

Diggin’: Cary Morin – Sing it Louder

inTheir Musicon June 14, 2019

Blue Muse by Cary MorinGet up and dance! That’s what Cary Morin wants you to do. There are few songs in this world that can be heard and immediately pick you up if you are feeling down and this is surely one of them. Cary will be singing it louder this December at our blowout […]

The individual situations of artists can be infinitely complex when it comes to addressing their needs. Music Maker Artist Support Specialist Christelle Ndong, MSW is constantly working to navigate the labyrinths of social services and dig into the issues faced by our partner artists so that their basic needs can be met and the music can keep […]

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