One More Mile by Robert Lee Coleman Somebody loves Robert Lee Coleman, but he just doesn’t know who it is. Is it you? This track from Coleman’s 2012 album “One More Mile” sums up the giving season pretty well – because even when you don’t know who it is who’s sending you love, you sure […]

The Glorifying Vines Sisters Featured on WRAL!

inTheir Adventureson December 6, 2017

On Monday WRAL’s Scott Mason aired a piece about the Glorifying Vines Sisters, their home church and their trip to Switzerland in August. Watch the piece – HERE!

Lee Gates Continues His Fight

inTheir Needson December 3, 2017

Born in Pontotoc, MS, Lee Gates is guitarist who stands among giants like Albert Collins, the Kings and Jimi Hendrix. For proof of this claim, one need look no farther than the three records he made with Music Maker. In 2014, Lee had a stroke and began the long road to recovery. It wasn’t until […]

Artist Spotlight: Music Maker Elders

inTheir Musicon November 22, 2017

If there are a matriarch and patriarch of Music Maker, they must be Algia Mae Hinton and Eddie Tigner. Algia Mae Hinton is a Piedmont blues guitarist and buckdancer who, at 87, is as legendary for the musical community that continues to form around her, like moths to a brilliant flame, as she is for […]

Diggin’: Neal Pattman – Disco Twist

inTheir Musicon November 21, 2017

Prison Blues by Neal Pattman Neal Pattman grew up one of fourteen children on a farm in Washington County, GA. He lost his right arm in an accident with a wagon wheel when he was seven. From an early age, he played harmonica on the streets of Athens, GA. He fed himself on the tips […]


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