Music Maker Relief Foundation – a non-profit organization that supports traditional Southern musicians by documenting and presenting their music will be premiering their photography exhibit, We Are the Music Makers! on April 6th, 2018 starting at 5:00pm at the Thomasville Center for the Arts’ Studio 209. At 8:00pm, the Thomasville Amphitheater will host a performance […]

Diggin’: Robert Lee Coleman – Kinfolk

inTheir Musicon April 5, 2018

What Left by Robert Lee Coleman When I walked into the studio during Robert Lee Coleman’s recording session for his new released album What Left, I know this was going to be a special record. Robert’s got his Soul music pedigree from the godfathers themselves — James Brown and Percy Sledge. Combine that with using […]

We Are the Music Makers!

inUncategorizedon April 5, 2018

Safeguard Our Culture, Support Music Maker TODAY!

inThe Artistson March 29, 2018

Music Maker needs your support now to ensure that our collective culture lives on and remains vital for future generations: Your support identifies and serves artists who are an important part of the American story  Your support educates diverse audiences and celebrates our shared cultural heritage Your support empowers artists to get them much-deserved work […]

Diggin’: Boo Hanks – Step it Up and Go

inTheir Musicon March 22, 2018

Pickin’ Low Cotton by Boo Hanks If you got to spend even five minutes with Boo Hanks he would have a positive impact on your life. Boo was from deep within the Virginia countryside, just across the North Carolina border, from a small town called Buffalo Junction. When modern life seems to be too much […]


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