If there are a matriarch and patriarch of Music Maker, they must be Algia Mae Hinton and Eddie Tigner. Algia Mae Hinton is a Piedmont blues guitarist and buckdancer who, at 87, is as legendary for the musical community that continues to form around her, like moths to a brilliant flame, as she is for […]

Diggin’: Neal Pattman – Disco Twist

inTheir Musicon November 21, 2017

Prison Blues by Neal Pattman Neal Pattman grew up one of fourteen children on a farm in Washington County, GA. He lost his right arm in an accident with a wagon wheel when he was seven. From an early age, he played harmonica on the streets of Athens, GA. He fed himself on the tips […]

Guitar Lightnin’ Lee’s Battle Continues

inTheir Needson November 20, 2017

Guitar Lightnin’ Lee looks about as mean as a junkyard dog and appropriately, his god given name is Leroy. But the gruff attitude that Guitar Lee projects from his rugged exterior has nothing to do with who he is. Lee is one of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet and, above all else, he loves […]

Diggin’: Sweet Betty – Pass it on Down

inTheir Musicon November 20, 2017

Live and Let Live by Sweet Betty This Thanksgiving, Sweet Betty reminds us that if it’s good, pass it on down. We’re feeling her lessons learned in the kitchen–not just recipes, but also lessons for life, showing love, and bringing people together. From Sweet Betty’s kitchen to yours, we hope you’re making something good for […]

Whistlin’ Britches – the Gospel of Music Maker

inTheir Musicon November 16, 2017

Clickin’ King of Hip Poppin’ by Whistlin’ Britches Whistlin’ Britches passed away from throat cancer shortly after I started working at Music Maker in 2011. I did get to spend an epic weekend with him at a festival in North Carolina before he was passed. Whistlin’ left such a strong impression. He was skinny and […]


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