Whistlin’ Britches – the Gospel of Music Maker

inTheir Musicon November 16, 2017

Clickin’ King of Hip Poppin’ by Whistlin’ Britches Whistlin’ Britches passed away from throat cancer shortly after I started working at Music Maker in 2011. I did get to spend an epic weekend with him at a festival in North Carolina before he was passed. Whistlin’ left such a strong impression. He was skinny and […]

At Home in the New Orleans Musicians’ Village by Little Freddie King Last week MMRFs Executive Director traveled down to New Orleans to visit with Little Freddie King who had recently been in a severe bicycling accident. Little Freddie was in good spirits and on the mend. Anyone who has ever been to New Orleans […]

The good news just keeps on coming for Music Maker partner artist Robert Finley. Last week Robert announced that he would be embarking on a 20-date cross country tour with Dan Auerbach & the Easy Eye Revue feat. Shannon Shaw with special guest Shannon & the Clams. Earlier this week Rolling Stone released Robert’s second […]

Diggin’: Homesick James – King Dracula

inTheir Musicon November 2, 2017

King Dracula by Homesick James “Tired of people, sucking my blood,” that’s a line from Homesick’s title song for his recent released – King Dracula.  His analogy of King Dracula as the bloodsucking moochers that come about is something that everyone can relate to. It’s apparent that Homesick’s plea for them to go away comes […]


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