Beverly “Guitar” Watkins: a True Musical Pioneer

inTheir Musicon November 25, 2018

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At 79, Beverly “Guitar” Watkins is STILL one of the toughest working blues musicians around; playing for packed clubs and ripping solos with a guitar behind her head. Marching in the footsteps of Ma Rainey and Sister Rosetta Tharpe, she’s carved out a place for herself on a stage meant for men. And, more importantly, has enriched the modern blues genre with her long history of perseverance.  

“I never stopped. When they said I should, I didn’t pay ‘em no mind. I kept going. Yes, it has gotten hard out there. You know I’ve cleaned houses, I’ve cleaned offices, but I never stopped playing my music.” – Beverly Watkins

Today, with the help of a monthly grant from our Sustenance Program, Beverly’s house cleaning days are over.

Since 1995, this collaboration has given Beverly and Music Maker the opportunity to create and share her music all over the world. As a Partner Artist, she helped produce four albums on the Music Maker label providing her thousands of CDs to sell at shows, which again helps her make a living.

The importance of supporting musicians like Beverly through the Sustenance Program is more than just helping a musician survive. It secures the passion and the vitality unique to the Blues by reviving the souls that sing it.

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