At 90, Piedmont Blues Legend John Dee Holeman Releases New Album

inTheir Musicon August 15, 2019

With a sound shaped by a life lived in the rural South working in tobacco fields and with heavy machinery, John Dee Holeman proves he’s still got it on his new release – Last Pair of Shoes. Backed up by Blues stalwarts Tad Walters (harmonica), Harvey Dalton Arnold (bass), Chuck Cotton and Bubba Norwood (drums), they provide a rock solid backbone for John Dee to really stretch his legs.

“I think the blues is hardship and working hard. You really can get into then and I’ve had it hard. The way I take it is when your down or out, more or less, that’s what I take to be the blues.” – John Dee Holeman

The classic original Chapel Hill Boogie, which garnered a world premiere via American Blues Scene, starts the record out with bang. Close your eyes and the tune transports you to a Saturday night juke joint party in the heart of the Piedmont.

About midway through the album you get to Shotgun Blues with it’s thumping distorted kick drum and an organ laid on top like a piece of fatback hitting the pan, it sizzles as John Dee sings his soul into this classic Blue number.


“Last Pair of Shoes offers great strokes from an old master still at the top of his form.”

– No Depression

“It’s the type of groove you’d like to keep on repeat”

– American Blues Scene

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