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“Slewfoot and Cary Beckelheimer‘s voices mesh together with an easy, haunting grace, but it is their songwriting, both separately and together, that is most striking.” – iTunes Review


How We Helped:
Slewfoot became a part of Music Maker in 2001. In the decade since, Music Maker has provided Slewfoot with a passport, grants for sustenance and emergency relief, and help with housing from the New Orleans Musicians Clinic. The foundation has also provided Slewfoot with guitars, arranged performances throughout North Carolina and at the Cognac Blues Festival in France, and produced three albums: Grasshopper Pie, Louisiana Time, and Rainin’ in New Orleans.


Slewfoot was born Mark McLaughlin in 1953. He began playing guitar at the age of 13 and in 1980 he started his career as a New Orleans street musician. Slewfoot passed away in 2011.


Cary Beckelheimer, born in 1968, graduated with a degree in theater. She traveled with a children’s theater company for 9 years before turning her full attention to music.


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