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Red Rover is part of Music Maker’s Next Generation Artists program. Tim and Susan Wells grew up listening to traditional music in the North Carolina Piedmont. They reside in their home state in a real live fantasy place called Cedar Grove with their two teenage children. They savor singing, playing for friends, neighbors, aiming to spread joy and playfulness. When they are not singing and parenting you can find Tim teaching young children and Susan creating large-scale ceramic sculptures.

How We Helped:

Red Rover became part of Music Maker’s Next Generation Artists program in 2010. Music Maker encourages and mentors younger artists performing Southern traditional music. While these artists do not receive financial support, they are assisted in other ways to foster the continuation of Southern music through this “Next Generation.” Tim and Susan Wells’ band Red Rover is part of this program, which helped them issue their first CD, Cedar Grove. Music Maker has also helped arrange their performances at the Music Maker Jubilee in North Carolina, and the Shakori Hills GrassRoots Festival, also in N.C.


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