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Marie Manning Acoustic Blues


Marie Manning lives in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, where her husband, Bishop Dready Manning, heads a Holiness Church. Marie sings powerful old-time gospel while her husband plays hard-driving guitar. Although the Mannings’ are invited to perform throughout the United States and Europe, the needs of their parishioners have kept the Mannings rooted to their home county. Marie can be heard at St. Mark’s Holiness Church where her gospel chorus of seven children sometimes joins her.


How We Helped:
Marie Manning became a Music Maker artist in 1995 along with her husband, Bishop Manning. Music Maker has provided Marie with program donations to rebuild the Mannings’ church, issued recordings for her on the albums Came So Far and Dixiefrog’s Sisters of the South, and arranged performances for her at the Bull Durham Blues Festival in Durham, North Carolina, and other shows throughout N.C. Additionally, Marie is featured in the film Toot Blues.


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