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Freeman Vines Electric Blues


Freeman Vines represents the lost art forms of the American South. As a self taught luthier he creates one of a kind instruments out of found wood and electrical parts. Not only do his guitars look beautiful, they also sound incredible. Music Maker met Freeman in 2015 and found him living with unchecked diabetes and in dire poverty. In the 1960s Freeman spent time traveling with his relatives, the Vines Sisters who were a popular Southern gospel group. After touring with his relatives Freeman was wrongfully convicted for stealing from a white business owner – he served 7 years in the Atlanta Penitentiary.

How We Helped:
During Music Maker’s first visit with Freeman he was given an emergency grant to help with his diabetes medicine and food. Freeman is also on our sustenance program and receives a monthly check and was granted a Fender amp so he could play his guitars.


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