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Elder James Goins born July 18th, 1921 was Pastor for the Spiritual Holiness Church in Simpson, South Carolina. He and his wife Mother Pauline are a classic example of performing great music at its most basic and powerful best. It just shows you how much that less is more. Their music is a combination of the ancient African musical traditions and the early African American gospel traditions coming together.


Elder James passed away in 2009, but Mother Marie is still active in the church.


– Taj Mahal


How We Helped:
Tim and Denise Duffy of Music Maker Relief Foundation met the Goins by chance in Ridgeway, South Carolina. They recorded an incredible record that will soon be released. With the help of Music Maker, the Elder James and Mother Marie performed at the Lincoln Center in New York and at festivals throughout North and South Carolina. Music Maker has provided the Goins with financial assistance and helped the pair record their first CD. They are featured in the book Music Makers: Portraits and Songs from the Roots of America (2004).



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