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Clyde Langford Acoustic Blues


Clyde Langford of Centerville, Texas, born June 6, 1934, learned guitar from Joel “Thunder” Hopkins as a young boy. He grew up in the cotton fields, listening to the songs on the radio and imitating them and putting his own spin on them. He joined the Army as a young man, and after returning from service, began a career of digging wells by hand. Clyde never stopped playing his music. In this field recording, his old Gibson guitar rattles, hums and grinds as his hypnotic serenade carries you way back into deep Texas blue.


How We Helped:
Clyde was unable to travel much outside of Centerville, so after teaming up with Music Maker in 2001, the foundation helped him gain wider recognition by recording his album High Steppin’ Momma. In addition, Music Maker provided Clyde with monthly grants for prescription medicine and gifted him with a Stratocaster guitar.


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