Algia Mae Hinton’s Legacy Lives On Even More with a New Headstone!

inTheir Musicon November 9, 2018

Earlier this year, Music Maker said goodbye to dear friend and pioneering blues woman, Algia Mae Hinton. Since 1994 Algia has been a part of the Music Maker family and although her passing brought many great sadness, her legacy lives on through Music Maker’s albums and videos, and now through a brand new headstone. The headstone was put in place by the Killer Blues Headstone Project whose mission is to fund headstones for blues people with unmarked graves.

Music Maker worked with the Hinton family and the Killer Blues Headstone Project to help facilitate the marker being placed and featured prominently, by the request of the Hinton family,  the headstone has one of Algia’s favorite sayings,”I feel like a peach that ain’t never been pulled.”

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