Alabama Slim: No Longer Blue & Lonesome Thanks to You!

inTheir Musicon July 11, 2017

Alabama Slim grew up in rural Alabama, and you can hear it in his voice. The slower paced agrarian life he experienced on the farm is reflected in his intentionally slow and smooth groove. Now a resident of New Orleans, Slim was introduced to Music Maker in 2004 through Little Freddie King. Katrina swept through New Orleans and Music Maker stepped up to help Slim when he had to relocate. When Slim had to get his knee replaced and couldn’t gig Music Maker helped him pay critical utility bills so that he could focus on getting back to his music.  Through the years Music Maker has helped Slim go on countless tours in Europe, getting him a passport, and helping him build a following there. In fact, Slim is in Europe right now with the Music Maker Blues Revue feat Robert Finley, Robert Lee Coleman, Ardie Dean, and Nashid Abdul. Thanks to supporters like you, Alabama Slim has been able to overcome great adversity and share his music with audiences around the world.

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