Aaron’s never ending pandemic playlist

inTheir Musicon July 26, 2020


Here’s another youtube adventure for you. This selection features a blend of Music Maker partner artists including John Dee Holeman, Algia Mae Hinton, Etta Baker, Guitar Gabriel and Ironing Board Sam,  and advisory board members Taj Mahal and Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Next Generation artists Martha Spencer, Kelley Breiding, Faith & Harmony, Lightnin’ Wells and Dedicated Men of Zion and really good new music that I just can’t get enough of: PJ. Morton’s Gumbo.

The theme is togetherness. Featured herein Kenny Wayne Sheppard playing with John Dee Holeman and Etta Baker from the lauded “10 Days Out” film/record. Also, a young Tim Duffy and Guitar Gabriel playing an improvised “Morning Blues” delivered more like an Indian Raga than a neatly constructed “song.”

Old footage of Algia Mae Hinton, John Dee Holeman with friends and family throwing down on the front porch and in the yard, when folks just preferred to hang out on the porch and weren’t recommended to gather in the open air as a safety precaution. Also included is some Ironing Board Sam surreal humor: a time when he dropped in on a woman while she was ironing and also Sam’s floating head in a kaleidoscopic space that is frightening and beautiful. His gleeful attitude is inspiration.

I have included some of our Next Generation artists performing the music of their elders: Martha Spencer and Kelley Breiding play Dave McGrew, Martha plays Townes Van Zant, Faith & Harmony plays a version of We Will Work originally arranged and performed by The Glorifying Vines. What a beautiful way of feeling connected across time and space! There is much more to discover so fill up your cup and courage on! Think about all the good times we’ll share together when we come out on the other side of this difficult time.

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