A Story from Dr. Dixon

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Doctor Dixon is a “Discovery Artist,” which means we’ve just begun to form a partnership with him. Read Dr. Dixon’s story about traveling in Chicago below. Enjoy!

In 1976, arriving in Chicago from Atlanta with Muddy Waters Band, I was asleep that early morning when I was awoken by Muddy’s great guitarist Luther “Guitar Jr.” Johnson. “Wake up son, you’re in ‘Chi-Town,’ The Windy City!”

Well, I’m sitting in the back next to the window passenger side, and as I open my eyes I saw what was totally surreal to me – it was my first time up north. On Lakeshore Drive, here’s Lake Michigan with ice the size of a bus or house bobbing up and down under a blue gray cloudy sky! I’m saying, “Man y’all done taken me to ANTARCTICA!”

Guitar Jr., Calvin “Fuzz” Jones and everyone all busted out in a roar of laughter, until I got out of the stretched Suburban to hear the sad news that the great bluesman Howlin’ Wolf had just passed away that week…another of the many blues giants that mentored me along the way of my now 48 years of playing Blues Harmonica.

– Dr. Dixon Bh.D “The Blues Physician”

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