A Great Time Revisit “Toot Blues”

inUncategorizedon April 2, 2015

We were just visiting Captain Luke at hospice, and he has a TV/DVD player in his room, so we brought along Toot Blues to watch together. While Captain chatted on the phone with his many admirers wishing him well, we watched the documentary on Music Maker that most of us hadn’t seen in a couple years.

It was wonderful to see Captain’s eyes light up when he saw his old friends on screen, some still with us, others having passed on. We all laughed when we heard the story again about trying to find Captain’s preferred brand of cherry-blend cigars on tour in Argentina. It made me think that, instead of a Diggin’ this week, I should re-post the Toot Blues documentary on our blog. This inspiring movie doesn’t lose anything on a repeat viewing; there were several parts I couldn’t remember and loved seeing with new eyes (George Higgs‘ amazing performance), and then others that I knew well but can never see too many times (Willa Mae’s snakes and her risque song.)

So, if you have a bit of time to relax, put your feet up and watch Toot Blues – even if you’ve seen it before – I highly recommend it.

— Corinne

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