Watch Robert Finley as Music Maker Relief Foundation Helps Bring His Energy to globalFEST in NYC

inNewson February 17, 2016

Music News | February 16th, 2016 | Brenda Hillegas

photo by Tim Duffy
photo by Tim Duffy

Robert Finley plays on the streets in Louisiana where people take photos and give him tips. His music can be best described as “roots soul” which is passionately displayed during his live performances. This guy is a natural and he’s the most recent addition to the Mississippi-based label, Big Legal Mess, after running into him at the King Biscuit Festival in Helena, AR.

Finley’s past includes service in the US Army as an Army Band Director. After, he worked as a carpenter where his work provided enough income for him to get by. Until recently. Unfortunately, Finely’s deteriorating eyesight has led to the loss of his career. His music, though, is as strong as ever.

The Music Maker Relief Foundation, created by Tim and Denise Duffy, was created to preserve the musical traditions of the South by directly supporting the musicians who make that music. Since the non-profit began in 1994, they have assisted and partnered with over 300 artists, released over 150 CDs and reached millions of people with live performance in over 40 states and 17 countries.

Hear about Robert Finley’s discovery below.


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